Mayuranathar Temple is a Hindu temple in the Tamil Nadu town of Mayiladuthurai. The temple, which is devoted to Lord Mayuranathaswamy, a form of Shiva, gave the town its name. The town Mayavaram is around 46 KM from Chidambaram. 

It is thought to have been constructed during the medieval Chola period in the 9th century, making it roughly 1300 years old. The Chola architecture's magnificence makes it one of Tamil Nadu's most stunning shrines... The KUDHAMBAI SIDDHAR Jeeva Samadhi is an unique characteristic of this temple.

The Siddhars were outstanding Indian scholars. Devotees think that worshiping at the Siddhar Sannidhi provides the devotee with a lot of beneficial energy vibrations. In ancient times, there were approximately 18 siddhars.

Daksha, Mother Parvathi's father, performed a yagna but purposefully did not invite Lord Shiva to disgrace Him. Lord Shiva forbade Parvathi from attending the yagna. Nonetheless, Parvathi attended the celebration in order to rectify Her father, but was humiliated by Daksha. The yagna was destroyed by Lord Shiva in his Veerabadra form.

A peacock used in the rites sought refuge at Mother Parvathi's feet. She was condemned to become a peacock because she disobeyed Lord's instructions. She disguised herself as a peacock and undertook penance to reclaim Her Lord. Lord Shiva appeared before her as a Peacock and danced as a peacock - Mayura Thandavam – pleased with Her penance. Parvati's original form was resurrected. Lord is revered as Mayuranathar because He came here as a peacock-Mayura. Mayiladuthurai is also named after the goddess Parvathi, who adored the Lord in the form of a peacock.

In this temple, there is a lovely bronze statue of Nataraja with His Consort Parvathi, known in Tamil as Sivagami Ammai.

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