Sangameshwar Temple is situated in Saswad, Maharashtra, in the Pune District. It is located at the confluence of the Karha and Chamli rivers.  Lord Shiva is honored at Sangameshwar Temple.

Sangameshwar Temple Saswad |  Sangameshwar mandir

Saswad has a long and glorious history. It is located on a historic trade route that connects the coastal Konkan ports with the Deccan interiors. Because of its location on a trade road, it became a center for Buddhist monasteries. In the town is the samadhi or resting place of the 13th century Varkari Sant Sopan.

Sangameshwar Temple Saswad |  Sangameshwar mandir

Dnyaneshwar Palkhi's annual Alandi to Pandharpur Wari comes to a halt in the city. It was later  "the town at the foot of the historic Purandar fort." Balaji Vishwanath, the first Peshwa from the Bhat family, had a base in the area. In 1720, his son, Bajirao I, relocated his base to Pune and transformed it into a large city. The Sangameshwar temple was built by Bajirao's family in the 1720s.

Sangameshwar Temple Saswad |  Sangameshwar mandir

Saswad was the seat of the Purandare dynasty, Peshwa hereditary knights, in the 18th century. During the late Peshwa period, the family's now decaying palatial mansion was an imposing sight.

A wonderful sight for those seeking inner peace and the blessings of the almighty!

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