For most of the users out there, Google Chrome 's built-in Dinosaur game was one of the famous past times. Vivaldi has launched yet another feature to compete with Google Chrome, a Chrome-based web browser. Vivaldi developers have developed a new runner-style arcade game called Vivaldia into their browser.

It is based on the same concept that Google Chrome's Dinaosaur game is based on, endless runner style.In addition to Android devices, Chromebooks, and tablets, the game is available both on-line and offline on Windows , Mac, and Linux platforms.

However, when you can not connect to the internet, Vivaldia does not appear automatically, and also features more detailed pixel art graphics as well as enemies that you can shoot at.

You'll have to download Vivaldi browser v3.4 in order to play. It is worth adding that Vivaldia can be accessed even if you are online, unlike the Google Chrome Dinosaur game. All you need to do is to tap the bottom corner icon to start playing while on the home screen.

How to play Vivaldia on Android 

To move, use the arrow controls, the arrow up button to jump, then the three-shot up, up-right, and straight shoot buttons to aim. Use the centre-bottom button to change the controls to get a different control. When the game ends, there is a camera icon below the restart button. To capture a screenshot of your final score, click on it. You can post the score or question your friends on social media with the Vivaldi network.

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