These days, ad serving limits are a regular cause of annoyance for AdSense publishers. Seeing a notification that your AdSense account's ad serving has been limited is concerning, and it can be expensive. We'll walk you through what to do if your AdSense ad serving has been restricted, as well as how to avoid this from happening. 

By Click Your Own Ads

If you think your blog income is too long and little, and you try to boost it by clicking on your own advertising. By clicking on your own advertising, you are attempting suicide because your adsense account will be permanently disabled. As a result, you must be patient in your blogging career.

Invalid clicks

If Google discovers any invalid clicks or other concerns, they may take further enforcement action or permanently ban your account. It is your responsibility to ensure that your website complies with the AdSense Program Policies. 

Google AdSense refers to any activity or interaction that does not originate from actual people with genuine interests as invalid traffic. If you're not doing anything wrong, it could be a third-party, such as a competitor, who tries to demonetize your blog without your permission or knowledge. They can manipulate your AdSense traffic in a variety of ways, but regardless of the reason, it is your  job to guarantee that the traffic on your advertising is genuine. If you see an unusual pattern in your ad clicks or suspect something is amiss with your blog, use the Invalid Clicks Contact Form to report it to the AdSense Quality Traffic Team.

Traffics from Social medias

Although social traffic is regarded as a legitimate traffic source, there is a problem with it. Google Analytics does not have any specific information about visitors because social traffic is not a Google platform. They are unable to adequately identify their interests or search history. AdSense bots have a hard time putting the correct adverts in front of them because of this. So, if social sites account for the majority of your traffic, your AdSense account may be subject to a temporary ad serving limit.

How to solve the number of ads that can be displayed is limited

💢The first and most crucial step is to disable advertisements in your adsense settings. Don't panic or become demotivated; instead, wait patiently. AdSense takes 10 to 14 days to examine your website, and it can take up to a month in extreme cases.

💢Don't stop publishing posts if Google AdSense imposes a limit on your advertisements. Maintain consistency by posting on a regular basis and attempting to create unique and original content.

💢Submit a Google Form for AdSense Account Feedback. You can attach a screen shot of your advertisements account report from the previous month, including the ad limit period, and put the following request to Adsense in the feedback message.

"The number of ads you can show has been limited. For details go to the Policy center."  the best solution to this

" Hi,

Google Adsense Team

WEBSITE NAME is my website which is approved by AdSense, but I got an e-mail suddenly. In which I get “The number of ads you can show has been limited. For details, go to the Policy centre.” This type of error is visible, I am seeing this error in my Adsense as well, and I am fully aware that I have not done anything wrong against the AdSense policy, and my all traffic coming organically. I request you to remove this problem. And reactivate ads on my website.

Thanks & Regards ''

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