The most popular temple at Rameshwaram, which is a small island connected to the mainland via Pamban Bridge, is Sri Ramanathaswamy Temple.  This temple houses one of the country's twelve jyotirlingas, making it a popular pilgrimage destination. Every idol and location here has a story to tell, as it is steeped in mythology. The Ramanathaswamy Temple is devoted to Bhagwan Shiv by Sri Rama. But what makes this temple particularly interesting is its enormous long corridors. The temple has three huge corridors.

World's longest corridor - Ramanathaswamy Temple

The 1st corridor is the oldest and dates back to the 12th century, but has been renovated over various time periods and houses the main deity. The 2nd corridor has 108 shiva lingas as well as a statue of Ganapathi. The third corridor has a height of almost 7m and stretches for roughly 120m in both the eastern and western directions. The corridors to the north and to the south, on the other hand, are about 195m in length. This makes temple’s corridor the longest in the world.

The outer corridor is also remarkable for the number of pillars, which is over 1200 in number. The incredibly charming pillars of the temple, constructed by the delicate carving of the rocks, shows the progress of centuries-ago architecture. Interestingly, these carved granite pillars are not available locally and are believed to have been brought in from some other part of Tamil Nadu.

Source: Finding Temples

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