The much expected Hummer electric pick-up has finally been released by General Motors after a long wait. This happens to be one of its kind beasts, along with the advantages of being an EV, that will have some unparalleled offroading capability.

world’s first supertruck Hummer EV revealed : interior ,exterior ,battery capacity,powered by Unreal Engine’s “human-machine interfaces (HMI)”.

The 2022 GMC Hummer EV, unveiled by the auto maker, is big, bold and flamboyant, all things that anyone would expect from a military-inspired vehicle, but it also includes innovative technology and exotic performance to support the assertion of General motors that it is "the first supertruck in the world."

world’s first supertruck Hummer EV revealed : interior ,exterior ,battery capacity,powered by Unreal Engine’s “human-machine interfaces (HMI)”.

“This is all about people who just love the best in automotive innovation, performance, capability and technology,” GMC Vice President Duncan Aldred told CNBC.

GMC reports that the flagship models will yield a mammoth 735kW and 2033Nm, available in both dual-cab pick-up or SUV configurations.

A supercar-rivalling 0-60 mph (97 km/h) time of only 3.0 seconds is claimed, and from its 200kWh battery, the Hummer EV will reportedly have a driving range of more than 560 km.

There is no engine under the hood for obvious reasons, but there are 3 electric motors that help to produce 1,000 hp and a maximum torque of 11,500 lb ft (15,600 Nm).

General motors says its 350kW high-speed system will offer a driving range of 160 km in just 10 minutes when it comes to recharging.

Unlike anything we have found in the recent past, the Hummer looks brazen, huge, imposing and, most importantly, imposing. Since it is now actually Hummer badging embedded in an LED strip, the grille we also spoke about has been done innovatively.

The infinity roof, which can effectively provide a true open-air experience, is another highlight of the design. The Hummer EV runs on large 35-inch tyres that can be further upgraded to 37-inch (after-market) units. A 4-wheel steering system is also available, helping with manoeuvrability and a reduced turning radius.

In its upcoming 2022 Hummer EV, GMC has installed an entire Android system to give users one of the best in-truck experiences, according to a recent report. In addition, this is the first in-vehicle infotainment device that is operated by "human-machine interfaces (HMI)" from Unreal Engine.

Epic Games announced earlier this year that they were working with GMC to build the first in-vehicle Unreal Engine-powered device in the upcoming electric Hummer. The creators of the game said they have used their current technology to create a whole new "human-machine interface" for future vehicles.

The electric truck features a custom Android device, according to Scott Martin, the vehicle's Creative Director, which is powered by an Intel CPU and has 64 GB of onboard capacity. In addition , Google worked with the auto-makers to add voice control, Google Maps, and even the Play Store to the infotainment system.

world’s first supertruck Hummer EV revealed : interior ,exterior ,battery capacity,powered by Unreal Engine’s “human-machine interfaces (HMI)”.

The device has the option of using the extra power to show more advanced information to the drivers, in addition to showing basic information about the vehicle. If / when drivers go off-road with the truck, for example, they will be able to see the balance of the truck and the orientation of each of its wheels through the gyroscopic-feed in real time.

Production of the Hummer EV will begin in 2021 at a later point. The Hummer prices will start at the $112,595 mark (around Rs 83 lakh, excluding taxes). The top of the line variant is this. At $100, bookings are now available.

Source: CNBC , caradvice

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